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doxie puppiesDogwood Dachshunds Kennel is located just northwest of Houston, Texas in the rural community of Hockley. We're surrounded by farm land, large wooded areas and prairies that are filled in fall and winter with huge flocks of migrating ducks and geese.

Now that I have retired from a career in law enforcement, I am happy to have found such a fun and even rewarding way to spend my time. It makes me so happy as I see "my babies" go to their new homes. I have already made so many new friends through this venture, many of whom I stay in contact with long after they have taken their new family addition home.

My first experience with dachshunds was with a little black and tan dachshund mix named Ranger who lived with us for over fourteen years. Ranger was so unique and such a great, fun personality. He brought the whole family many hours of fun. He's gone now, but well remembered by many. When I began to think of starting a kennel and raising puppies, I naturally thought dachshunds were the logical choice. I chose my first dogs carefully (all are AKC registered). I raised them from puppies, and they have all been great.

My kennel is completely self-contained, with all the dogs enjoying daily outside exercise while having constant access to inside shelter which is heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. Expectant moms are afforded a degree of privacy when their "time" comes, and the nursery has special provisions such as warming lights that keep them cozy. Puppies are weaned at seven weeks, and are a minimum of eight weeks when they begin their new lives out in the "big world".

When we have puppies for sale, you can know they will have had their first puppy vaccinations and wormings. By the time the time they come to your home, they have been well socialized and ready to be a loving member of your family.

Puppies are available throughout the year. Please contact us through email or at 832-741-8848 to see what we have at any given time. It is advisable to see what we have, and may have coming up if you're thinking ahead about your new addition to the family. I will take deposits to reserve the very puppy you want.

Shipping is available, including crate, vet check, air fare and appropriate vaccinations. Please contact me for details on pricing, etc. by calling 832.741.8848 or via email at with questions.

Dogwood Dachshunds also have some little friends who share some of the wide open spaces around their home. These longhaired Chihuahuas are a joy to have around. They are all very good natured little dogs, with beautiful long coats. I only have Chihuahua puppies occasionally, but I keep a waiting list. So if you'd like to be contacted when I have a litter, please call me at 832.741.8848 or email me at

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